Many of you know that Coastal Crush Lacrosse Club started as team of successful travel players and their dedicated coaches, who all felt strongly about continuing to play and grow together.  Summer of 2018 ended with a win at The Charlotte Invitational where they all received this bag tag as a memento.

Anyone notice something a little off  with this tag?? A missing R perhaps? We all had fun going around mispronouncing the word TOURNAMENT as “Toooounament”. It was no big deal, but we all wondered how this tag was approved for printing. Someone even laminated it!!

After Crush Elite’s first fall travel season ended, 3 coaches and one parent all decided that the need was there for a new Rec League in our area. Everything we heard from all the families we spoke to over many months showed us that we could and should do something to provide these kids with everything we hope lacrosse can be in Hampton Roads. Lots of meetings, tons of community support, and 6 months later here we are, approaching opening weekend of our FIRST Coastal Crush Rec Season.

Tomorrow, at the start of opening weekend all Crush players and coaches will receive a welcome gift from the league. Coastal Crush T-shirts. We were so excited when they arrived, a group text and photo to all the board members went out: “The T-shirts are here! They look perfect! The design is flawless.” To which one of us replied, “Um, not flawless… Pretty sure inaugural is spelled with a U.”

“NO WAY!!! OMG. What are we going to do?!”. Our President chimes in, “HAHAHA! It’s just like the ‘Tounament’ tags! That’s funny. I want a misspelled one. It will be our inside joke”. We all decided we wanted to keep the misspelled shirts for ourselves, and all the players we talked to who knew the joke, wanted to keep theirs too.  We couldn’t believe the misspelled design made it through not only all of us, but the printer as well!! Multiple check points. The irony was certainly NOT lost on us.   After hearing the cost to fix them (more than the shirts cost us to begin with), we decided to roll with it, save the league funds, laugh it off as a minor bump in the road , and just embrace the cozy-but-misspelled T-shirts.  After all, there are worse things to go wrong.

This is us, letting you ALL in on the joke, and welcoming you to our INAUGURAL-not-INAGURAL season! Thank you for helping us build our lacrosse community in Hampton Roads. We are so happy to be on this journey together, regardless of the bumps along the way. Happy Opening Weekend! See you on the field.

-Your Coastal Crush Management Team


To top it all off,  we had SO MANY more registrations after the original shirt order was placed, we needed to order MORE*! A great problem to have. This means a few of you will have shirts that are spelled correctly.

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